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10 Great Father-Son Relationship Movies

Father son The Kids Are All Right is a movie about many things – including the relationship between father and son. Here's a list of some of our all-time favorite movies (in no particular order) that explore the roles a father can play in the life of a son.

The Star Wars Trilogy

One of the most well-known and dysfunctional father-son pairs of all time: Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. It took the better part of three movies for this fact to be revealed in one of the biggest bombshells ever dropped in a movie: “Luke...I am your father!”

Father's Day (1997)

In this memorable comedy starring Robin Williams and Billy Crystal, a woman convinces two different men that each is the father of her teenage son after the son has gone missing. Each man performs his fatherly duty by going on a search for the son, neither one knowing about the other.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)

The third film in the Indiana Jones franchise features Indy's estranged father, Henry Jones, Sr., played by Sean Connery, who has been captured by Nazis while doing research on the holy grail. Indy's heroic rescue of his father is a heart-tugging representation of the love between father and son.

Big Fish (2003)

This touching Tim Burton film is about a son, Will Bloom, whose estranged father, Edward, is dying of cancer. Will tries to make up for lost time and learn more about Edward by recreating the father's life through bits and pieces of stories he has told him throughout the years. It is through the reliving of the Edward's memories that the son begins to truly understand his father.

Father and Son (2004)

This French drama is about a father and son who live together in a rooftop apartment, and are alone there for so long together they seem to completely exclude the outside world, obsessed with their own routines and rituals. It is a sad depiction of what isolation can do to a person – the son even has trouble maintaining a relationship because his girlfriend becomes jealous of the father.

Big Daddy (1999)

Adam Sandler plays Sonny Koufax, a slacker with a law degree who lives off restitution from a car accident. When Sonny's roommate Kevin leaves for China for his law firm, an illegitimate child, Julian, is dropped off at the house with a note saying he is Kevin's. Sonny tries to bring Julian back to social services, but decides to let him stay with him until new adoptive parents are found. Being with the child gives a new sense of purpose to Sonny, but a turn of events almost rips them apart forever.

Like Father Like Son (1987)

Dr. Jack Hammond has very little in common with his son Chris – one is a straitlaced doctor and one is a willful teenage boy. However, they drink a potion that predictably causes them to swap bodies, and they are forced to gain a whole new understanding of each other. Stars Dudley Moore and Kirk Cameron.

The Lion King (1994)

In this beloved Disney animated tearjerker, lion cub and heir to the throne Simba is tricked into thinking he has killed his father Mufasa and flees the land in shame. Years later, he returns to reclaim what is rightfully his and avenge his father's death by defeating Scar.

American Pie (1999)

This is a gross-out sexual teen comedy with many hilarious moments. However, one of the funniest characters is the father of Jim Levenstein (Jason Biggs), played by Eugene Levy. Levenstein Sr. always has a way of trying to help Jim when he catches him in awkward situations (such as the famous pie fiasco), but always by making the embarrassment worse. The conversations between this father and son add so much of the comedy to this film that the laughs alone make it one of the greatest father-and-son movies around.

The Kids are All Right (2010)

Jules (Julianne Moore), Nic (Annette Bening) and their two teenage children are a typical modern family living in the suburbs in Southern California. When the older child, daughter Joni, turns 18, younger son Laser begs her to help him locate their biological father. Their “bio-dad” Paul slowly begins to integrate into the family, bringing up many issues about a father's role in the life of a child, and whether or not the teens' two moms should have been “enough” for them. This film brings up many of the newer issues facing modern families in a warm and lightly humorous way.

Which are your favorite father-son relationship movies?


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